Monday, November 08, 2010

Update! Trans Iowa V7 Registration: Vet Status

Update: Trans Iowa V7 opened registration for VETERANS ONLY, (ie: People who have been in the event before, NOT new folks to the event. Your chance will come next week if you are a Rookie), and today kicked off with a few overnight packages, some flowers, and some folks that drove 3 hours round trip to get their cards here.

So far, by unofficial count, we have 22 Veterans on the Roster, which will be updated this evening. That leaves approximately 18 open spots for anyone that has done a Trans Iowa before to get in. I will leave registration for Veterans open until (a) we fill up the approx 18 spots, or (b) the end of the week, (Saturday), which ever comes first.

If by chance there are any spots unclaimed by Veterans come Saturday, these spots will be added to the 40 left over for Rookies.

There will be a Special Announcement for Rookie Registration made here tomorrow and referenced on the Trans Iowa V7 site, Facebook, and Twitter.

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