Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Trans Iowa V7: Registration Update/Announcements For Rookies

<==I'll be showing some recently received post cards along with this announcement. (Yes, this was one of them!)

Registration For Rookies: On November 15th, 2011 the registration for at least 40 spots on the Trans Iowa roster will open for those who have never been at a Trans Iowa before. Please read the following very carefully. If you mess this up, your entry will be disqualified. Remember: Registration is by postcard only and that postcard can be delivered by regular post, overnight express mail, hand delivered, by carrier pigeon, or magic, if you can conjure it up. I don't care by what means you deliver a postcard, just as long as you get it to me NO SOONER THAN NOVEMBER 15th @ 9am.

The Following Items Must Be On The Postcard! Keep in mind that these items must be legible, and I am the final judge on what is, and what isn't legible. If I can not make the info out, I won't ask for clarification, I will throw out your entry. So you've been warned!

Also, please know that your information will not be shared with anyone else. I only need this stuff in case we need to get a hold of you before the event, via e-mail, or during the event, in case of emergency.

#1: Your Name

#2: A Phone Number
This must be a cell phone number we can reach you at the day of the event.

#3: Class Designation
Choose one from Men's Open, Woman's Open, or Single Speed/Fixed

#4: Your E-mail Address
It is super important that this be readable on the card, and accurate. If I get a bogus e-mail, or it pings back, you may risk being left off the roster at some point. Remember: I only need this for communication as to pre-race details and what not.

#5: Write Down "The Golden Rule" From The Trans Iowa V7 Site In Its Entirety.
You can find the "Golden Rule" on the T.I.V7 site in the "Race Rules" section at the top. I need to be able to read all 44 of the words and numbers clearly.

Mailing Address For Post Cards:
Europa Cycle and Ski C/O Trans Iowa,
4302 University Avenue,
Cedar Falls, IA, 50613

Okay......any questions? Better e-mail me ASAP from the address in the right margin here or on the T.I.V7 site.

Update On Roster So Far: Of the 100 open spots so far we have 22 Veterans in and 20 Finishers in for a grand total of 42 spots out of 100 so far. Stay tuned for updates on the Veteran Registration, Roster Updates, and more on this site, the Trans Iowa V7 site, Twitter on my feed @guitarted1961, or by checking the hash tag #tiv7, or on Facebook.


Steve Fuller said...

"Where dreams go to die" - Most. Appropriate. Card. Ever.

MG said...

so true...